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Alternative Water Source: Air-Conditioner Condensate!

Posted on June 17, 2013 at 11:38 PM Comments comments (131)
I just saw a special on a University who collects the condensate from their air conditioning system and uses that 15-20 gallons/day to water in and around their building.  Genius! 

Cooling systems rely on evaporator coils through which refrigerant fluid changes from liquid to vapor, cooling the coils in the process. Air blowing past the coils cools off as it goes by, and moisture from the air condenses on the coils. Condensate drains carry away the water, usually into the sewer. Instead of wasting it, more and more buildings, especially in parts of the country with hot, humid summers, are capturing that condensate for reuse.  In large commercial buildings collecting the condensate often produces enough water to supply all of the landscape irrigation needs!

Collecting air-conditioning condensate is most practical in climates with high cooling-season humidity. Along with the obvious places like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Miami, it also makes sense in cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York, which experience high humidity that coincides with the greatest cooling loads. Condensate recovery is especially attractive in facilities like shopping centers, where there is a high degree of air exchange. The quantity of condensate water produced depends on the temperature and humidity conditions.

Fillmore HVAC will start a pilot program this summer to examine the spectrum of this unconventional water source that can be used in and around your home. 

For FAQ's on water harvesting, please visit our friends at 1st Water Harvesting for more information:

#StayTuned my friends!